Danny Mooney 'Mist, 26/10/16' iPad painting #APAD

Mainly moody skies #APAD

This week I have mainly been obsessing about moody autumnal skies.

Danny Mooney 'Sketchy pier, 21/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Sketchy pier, 21/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Singer, 29/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Singer, 29/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Silhouette, 27/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Silhouette, 27/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Rounding a buoy, 23/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Rounding a buoy, 23/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Morning, 25/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Morning, 25/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Misty, 24/10/16' iPad painting #APADDanny Mooney 'Misty, 24/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Misty, 24/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Mist, 26/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Mist, 26/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Listens to the singing, 23/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Listens to the singing, 23/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Early morning swim, 29/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Early morning swim, 29/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Crows, 30/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Crows, 30/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Calm, 28/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Calm, 28/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Beach fishing, 22/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Beach fishing, 22/10/16

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