Danny Mooney 'Clouds, 9/10/16' iPad painting #APAD

Loads of pictures #APAD

I’ve realised that I’ve not been blogging my paintings.

So here you go:

Danny Mooney 'Misty pale sea, 11/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Misty pale sea, 11/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Clouds, 9/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Clouds, 9/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Rain approaching, 8/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Rain approaching, 8/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Pulborough brooks panorama, 9/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Pulborough brooks panorama, 9/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Happy drumming #2, 2/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Happy drumming #2, 2/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Happy drumming #1, 2/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Happy drumming #1, 2/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Grey sky, gull, 7/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Grey sky, gull, 7/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Green sea, rocks, 5/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Green sea, rocks, 5/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Clouds and gulls, 4/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Clouds and gulls, 4/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Cattle, 10/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Cattle, 10/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Catching mussels, 6/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Catching mussels, 6/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Birds on the beach, 3/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Birds on the beach, 3/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Across the river, 8/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Across the river, 8/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Bonjour Café, 2/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Bonjour Café, 2/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Bright sun, big waves, 1/10/16' iPad painting #APAD
Bright sun, big waves, 1/10/16
Danny Mooney 'Some Rocks, 24/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Some Rocks, 24/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Some of Vocal Explosion, 25/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Some of Vocal Explosion, 25/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Sandy sea, 28/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Sandy sea, 28/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Rye, looking East, 27/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Rye, looking East, 27/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Headland and clouds, 26/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Headland and clouds, 26/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Gull feeding, 29/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Gull feeding, 29/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Flamenco sin Fronteras, 23/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Flamenco sin Fronteras, 23/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Drumming, 24/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Drumming, 24/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Conduit Hill, Rye, 27/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Conduit Hill, Rye, 27/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Boats, 23/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Boats, 23/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Belle Lettres, Greg Draven, 24/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Belle Lettres, Greg Draven, 24/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Belle Lettres, Antony Penrose, 24/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Belle Lettres, Antony Penrose, 24/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Banks of cloud, 25/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Banks of cloud, 25/9/16
Danny Mooney 'About to be caught in a storm, 30/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
About to be caught in a storm, 30/9/16
Danny Mooney 'The Acappella Bellas, 31/8/16' iPad painting #APAD
The Acappella Bellas, 31/8/16
Danny Mooney 'Now and Then, 9/9/2016' iPad drawing #APAD
Now and Then, 9/9/2016
Danny Mooney 'Jamie Harris #2, 11/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Jamie Harris #2, 11/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Jamie Harris #1, 11/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Jamie Harris #1, 11/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Gulls, 2/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Gulls, 2/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Blue sea, rocks, 1/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Blue sea, rocks, 1/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Back home, 28/8/16' iPad painting #APAD
Back home, 28/8/16
Danny Mooney 'Anita, 9/9/2016' iPad drawing #APAD
Anita, 9/9/2016
Danny Mooney 'Strictly Come Martin, 16/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Strictly Come Martin, 16/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Now and Then again, 19/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Now and Then again, 19/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Bez does his thing, 17/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Bez does his thing, 17/9/16
Danny Mooney 'White sea, 9/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
White sea, 9/9/16
Danny Mooney 'The Marie White band, 18/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
The Marie White band, 18/9/16
Danny Mooney 'The Drill Hall, 6/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
The Drill Hall, 6/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Sunlight, 14/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Sunlight, 14/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Rocks, sand and sea, 20/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Rocks, sand and sea, 20/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Pond, 21/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Pond, 21/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Plymouth Sound, 21/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Plymouth Sound, 21/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Painting the painters, 7/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Painting the painters, 7/9/16
Danny Mooney 'On the way to Bristol 2, 5/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
On the way to Bristol 2, 5/9/16
Danny Mooney 'On the way to Bristol 1, 5/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
On the way to Bristol 1, 5/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Morning, 15/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Morning, 15/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Grey, 16/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Grey, 16/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Green lines, 4/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Green lines, 4/9/16′
Danny Mooney 'Early morning mist, 22/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Early morning mist, 22/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Dinghy, 18/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Dinghy, 18/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Dance like nobody's watching, 18/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Dance like nobody’s watching, 18/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Calm sea and beach, 17/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Calm sea and beach, 17/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Blue sea and surf, 12/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Blue sea and surf, 12/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Blue lines, 11/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Blue lines, 11/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Blue green, 8/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Blue green, 8/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Blue cloudy sky, 13/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Blue cloudy sky, 13/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Bird, 19/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Bird, 19/9/16
Danny Mooney 'Big Green Cardigan, 10/9/16' iPad painting #APAD
Big Green Cardigan, 10/9/16

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