Danny Mooney 'Paddle boarders, 2/5/17' iPad painting #APAD

Jack, Brighton and more #APAD

Continuing the daily paintings

Danny Mooney '3 birds, 4/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
3 birds, 4/5/17
Danny Mooney 'A gull flew by, 6/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
A gull flew by, 6/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Café Coho, 3/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Café Coho, 3/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Grey day again, 8/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Grey day again, 8/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Grey day, 7/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Grey day, 7/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Paddle boarders, 2/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Paddle boarders, 2/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Rolling clouds, 1/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Rolling clouds, 1/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Sheltering, 9/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Sheltering, 9/5/17
Danny Mooney 'The only way, 8/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
The only way, 8/5/17
Danny Mooney 'View from Nuffield Priory, Brighton, 3/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
View from Nuffield Health, Brighton, 3/5/17
Danny Mooney 'Warehouse, 5/5/17' iPad painting #APAD
Warehouse, 5/5/17

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