Danny Mooney 'Breakers, 22/3/17' iPad painting #APAD

Quite a mixed bag over the last 2 weeks #APAD

Lots of paintings over the last fortnight.

Danny Mooney 'Where pier gone Daddy? 16/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Where pier gone Daddy? 16/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Stormy, 20/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Stormy, 20/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Sailing, 26/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Sailing, 26/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Rough sea, 18/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Rough sea, 18/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Richard, 19/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Richard, 19/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Purple, 13/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Purple, 13/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Misty fishing, 12/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Misty fishing, 12/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Marine Court, 24/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Marine Court, 24/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Kiosk, 17/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Kiosk, 17/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Just a misty day, 11/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Just a misty day, 11/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Herring Gulls, 21/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Herring Gulls, 21/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Groyne, 15/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Groyne, 15/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Emily, 17/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Emily, 17/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Emily again, 17/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Emily again, 17/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Crows and a gull, 14/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Crows and a gull, 14/3/17
Danny Mooney 'Breakers, 22/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
Breakers, 22/3/17

Danny Mooney '7th floor flyby, 23/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
7th floor flyby, 23/3/17
Danny Mooney '3 contrails and a gull, 25/3/17' iPad painting #APAD
3 contrails and a gull, 25/3/17

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