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Expect lots more soon #APAD

Here’s last week’s paintings.
I’ve just arrived in Wales for a painting holiday, so expect lots more very soon

More pix: #APAD

I’ve been making more paintings of local bands, as well as my landscapes.

Loads of new paintings #APAD

I’ve been distinctly off colour the last few weeks, so although I’ve continued to do my daily painting, I’ve got seriously behind in uploading them.

Sunshine and showers #APAD

Lots of weather, and lots of paintings! I’ve had to wear sunblock for the 1st time, which is always a nice sign, and the evenings are so much lighter.

Leap February

Danny Mooney 'Blue sky, 23/2/2016' iPad painting #APAD
Blue sky, 23/2/2016

An extra long February this year, so lots of time for painting.

Markets, trains and clouds #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Watching the waves, 13/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Watching the waves, 13/6/2015

A mixed bag this week. #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Surf, 5/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Surf, 5/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'St Leonards Warrior Square, 11/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
St Leonards Warrior Square, 11/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'St Leonards Market, 6/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
St Leonards Market, 6/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Morning rocks, 8/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Morning rocks, 8/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'From The Jerwood Gallery Café, 12/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
From The Jerwood Gallery Café, 12/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Bright horizon, 9/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Bright horizon, 9/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Boat and buoy, 7/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Boat and buoy, 7/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Beach reflections, 10/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Beach reflections, 10/6/2015

Developing a more poster-like style of painting on the iPad

Danny Mooney 'Railings, 28/4/2014' Digital painting
Railings, 28/4/2014

Each week I set myself a mini theme, which I usually don’t follow. For most of the week I’ve seeing how much detail I can leave out, but still have the subject of the image clear. I hope you think it’s working OK.

Danny Mooney 'Mist, 30/4/2014' iPad painting
Mist, 30/4/2014
Danny Mooney 'Rocks, 29/4/2014' iPad painting
Rocks, 29/4/2014
Danny Mooney 'From the De La Warr café, 27/4/2014' Digital painting
From the De La Warr café, 27/4/2014
Danny Mooney 'Shard, 26/4/2014' Digital painting
Shard, 26/4/2014
Danny Mooney 'Seagull, 25/4/2014' Digital painting
Seagull, 25/4/2014
Danny Mooney 'Boat on the horizon, 1/5/2014' iPad painting
Boat on the horizon, 1/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Fishing, 2/5/2014' iPad painting
Fishing, 2/5/2014