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The last of October's iPad paintings #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Sunset from the De La Warr, 31/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Sunset from the De La Warr, 31/10/2014

Here’s the last of October’s iPad paintings. I’ve been a bit slow posting them but they’ve all been done on the day in the title.

Danny Mooney 'Bec's chickens, 26/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Bec’s chickens, 26/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Cloud cover, 29/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Cloud cover, 29/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Evening, 28/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Evening, 28/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Hotel au Refuge, 24/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Hotel au Refuge, 24/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Lovely blue sky, 27/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Lovely blue sky, 27/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Ominous clouds, 20/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Ominous clouds, 20/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Ploughed field, 22/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Ploughed field, 22/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Power lines and clouds, 22/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Power lines and clouds, 22/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Rooves, Dinan, 23/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Rooves, Dinan, 23/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Slate grey sea, 19/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Slate grey sea, 19/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Stansted departure lounge, 21/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Stansted departure lounge, 21/10/2014
Danny Mooney 'Very bright morning, 30/10/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Very bright morning, 30/10/2014