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A mixed bag weather-wise. #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Pier cranes, 21/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Pier cranes, 21/5/2015

It’s been a funny week with rain, wind, sun and mist. I’ve painted on my iPad each day whatever.

Danny Mooney 'Wet and cold, 18/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Wet and cold, 18/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Walking at low tide, 22/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Walking at low tide, 22/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Orange buoy, 17/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Orange buoy, 17/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Misty headland, 16/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Misty headland, 16/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Ethereal sea, 23/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Ethereal sea, 23/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Container ships, 20/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Container ships, 20/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Cloud forms, Barbican Art Gallery, 19/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Cloud forms, Barbican Art Gallery, 19/5/2015