Danny Mooney 'Clouds, 29/1/17' iPad painting #APAD

Still painting every day #APAD

I’m still loving my daily painting.

Danny Mooney 'View, 25/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
View, 25/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Towards Beachy Head, 20/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Towards Beachy Head, 20/1/17
Danny Mooney 'The things you see in St Leonards, 30/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
The things you see in St Leonards, 30/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Still rough, 28/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Still rough, 28/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Rough, 27/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Rough, 27/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Pale sea, 24/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Pale sea, 24/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Loft apartment, Worthing, 21/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Loft apartment, Worthing, 21/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Gull, 26/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Gull, 26/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Groyne and rocks, 19/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Groyne and rocks, 19/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Green Groyne, 22/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Green Groyne, 22/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Golden, 23/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Golden, 23/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Feather and branch, 18/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Feather and branch, 18/1/17
Danny Mooney 'Clouds, 29/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Danny Mooney ‘Clouds, 29/1/17’ iPad painting #APAD

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