Danny Mooney 'Stripes, 3/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD

Sunshine, storms and showers #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Stripes, 3/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Stripes, 3/6/2015

The weather continues to be all over the place, and I’m continuing to make an iPad painting every single day.

Danny Mooney 'Wet and cold, 31/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Wet and cold, 31/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'The Slade, 28/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
The Slade, 28/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Morning light, 27/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Morning light, 27/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Green, 26/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Green, 26/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Calm, 25/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Calm, 25/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Bright and hazy, 24/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Bright and hazy, 24/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Boats on the horizon, 30/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Boats on the horizon, 30/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Aboriginal shields at the BM, 29/5/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Aboriginal shields at the BM, 29/5/2015
Danny Mooney 'Storm, 2/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Storm, 2/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Gulls and boat, 4/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Gulls and boat, 4/6/2015
Danny Mooney 'Beach railings, 1/6/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Beach railings, 1/6/2015