Danny Mooney 'Marine Court, 14/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD

Mission slippage? – 2 weeks’ worth of paintings

Danny Mooney 'Marine Court, 14/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Marine Court, 14/7/2014

This is the second time running I’ve posted my paintings after 2 weeks not one. Still doing them every day though!

Danny Mooney 'Dusk, 20/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Dusk, 20/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Drawing Festival PV, 18/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Drawing Festival PV, 18/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Bright, 17/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Bright, 17/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Grey Beachy Head, 15/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Grey Beachy Head, 15/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Morning, Hastings Pier, 21/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Morning, Hastings Pier, 21/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Pier, 16/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Pier, 16/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Sailing, 13/7/2014' iPad painting #APAD
Sailing, 13/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'St Clements Church, 19/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
St Clements Church, 19/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Swimming beach, 22/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Swimming beach, 22/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Wet sand, 24/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Wet sand, 24/7/2014
Danny Mooney 'Southbank, 23/7/2014' iPad drawing #APAD
Southbank, 23/7/2014