Danny Mooney 'Off to Bexhill, 7/6/2014' iPad painting

A busy week #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Off to Bexhill, 7/6/2014' iPad painting
Off to Bexhill, 7/6/2014

Quite a busy time this week, but I’m continuing to make my daily painting, even if I’m posting them a bit late. Two of the images have been made from the train. It’s been important to me that they are made on the journey, relying on memory rather than relying on a photograph.

Danny Mooney 'Garage, 30/5/2014' iPad painting
Garage, 30/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Boats 31/5/2014' iPad painting
Boats 31/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Purple, 1/6/2014' iPad painting
Purple, 1/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'Warm misty evening, 6/6/2014' iPad painting
Warm misty evening, 6/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'So bright, 5/6/2014' iPad painting
So bright, 5/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'Amazing sky, 4/6/2014' iPad painting
Amazing sky, 4/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'Small fishing boat, 3/6/2014' iPad painting
Small fishing boat, 3/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'Shard, 2/6/2014' iPad painting
Shard, 2/6/2014
Danny Mooney 'Train to London, 8/6/2014' iPad painting
Train to London, 8/6/2014