Danny Mooney 'I'm Loving Every Idiosyncrasy' Iron and bronze 41 x 26 x 9 cm Framed

Valerie Hetrick, an art scam

Danny Mooney 'I'm Loving Every Idiosyncrasy' Iron and bronze 41 x 26 x 9 cm Framed
I’m loving every idiosyncrasy

I received this email last week:


My name is Valerie, i own a shop in Thailand, i visited your webpage, and will like to know if you have your merchandise and works available? Will a Master card be fine for payment? Please advise and let me know your delivery method, i can also use my carrier to make it easier.


Valerie Hetrick.

It looked to good to be true, so I replied asking what artworks they were interested in and about her shop and I got an email back that had obviously been written by a real person:


Included beneath is my current order:

Danny Mooney ‘Can’t wait to see you’ Mixed media

28.5 x 23 x 4 cm Framed

Danny Mooney ‘I’m Loving Every Idiosyncrasy’ Iron and bronze

41 x 26 x 9 cm Framed

 My collector would be arranging the pick up of this order directly from your location, because their delivery is fast and effective, so kindly email me and confirm the total cost of the order ONLY excluding shipping charges, please include the weight and dimension if available, kindly notify me if this materials are available in stock, please provide the location where the merchandise will be collected and also a frame time that merchandise would be ready for collection.

Your response is highly needed, so quote can be received, so i can securely forward you with my credit card information and you begin the process of my order.

VH Ratchasima (Thailand) Ltd.

32 Yingpao Road,

Muang District, Nakorn Pathom

73000, Thailand

Tel. (66)  34 2723434 9

Fax. (66) 34 2723435 0

Best Regards

Val Hetrick.

I was concerned that she wanted my Master Card details, and that she still hadn’t mentioned the cost. I replied that I could only take payment through PayPal and mentioning the cost. I also looked her up on the internet, and found that other people had been scammed by her. http://melindaschwakhofer.wordpress.com/tag/valerie-hetrick/

I have’t heard back from her.