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An iPad Painting a day #APAD

Here’s a 3 minute slide show of my 2014 daily iPad paintings.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8k7YjQQ3Qg?list=UUtD1dwhKLkDFrNFrBSwsV5A]

And if you’ve got nothing better to do, follow this link to see the same video over 30 minutes


That way you have some time to see the paintings.

Alternatively you can just look at the A Painting A Day page on my website

A painting a day

Danny Mooney 'In the Souk' 5/1/2014 digital painting
In the Souk

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been in Marrakech. It’s all change with the rules now. Sea couldn’t play a part in my Moroccan paintings!


Danny Mooney 'Rainbow' 30/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Ship' 31/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Puddle' 2/2/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Marrakech Express' 3/2/2014 Digital painting
Marrakech Express
Danny Mooney 'Before the crowds, Marrakech' 4/2/2014 Digital painting
Before the crowds, Marrakech
Danny Mooney 'Pavilion, Majorelle gardens' 6/2/2014 digital painting
Pavilion, Majorelle gardens
Danny Mooney 'Bright Sea, Debenham's Café' 1/2/2014 Digital drawing
Bright Sea, Debenham’s Café
Danny Mooney 'Orange juice, Jemaa el Fna' 7/2/2014 Digital drawing
Orange juice, Jemaa el Fna
Danny Mooney 'Sheltering in Café Nero' 8/2/2014 Digital painting
Sheltering in Caffé Nero

A painting a day. Towards the end of January.

Danny Mooney 'Clamp and tie bar cutting' 23/1/2014 Digital painting
Clamp and tie bar cutting

Bit late posting this week’s paintings. As you can see there’s been some mission slippage with Wednesday’s painting happening in a café, where it turned out I couldn’t actually see the sea. Next week I’m in Marrakech, so I doubt the paintings I make there will have all that much sea in them either.





Danny Mooney 'Cleaning windows' 29/1/2014 Digital painting
Cleaning windows
Danny Mooney 'Rain squall coming in' 28/1/2014 Digital painting
Rain squall coming in
Danny Mooney 'Dew on the grass' 25/1/2014 Digital painting
Dew on the grass
Danny Mooney 'Falaise' 27/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'South westerly, 29 mph 26/1/2014 Digital painting
South westerly, 29 mph
Danny Mooney 'Wellington Place' 24/1/2014 Digital drawing
Wellington Place