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Sunshine and showers #APAD

Lots of weather, and lots of paintings! I’ve had to wear sunblock for the 1st time, which is always a nice sign, and the evenings are so much lighter.

I might not be posting them, but I am doing them! #APAD

Danny Mooney 'I wandered lonely, 18/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
I wandered lonely, 18/3/2015

Another 2 weeks worth of daily paintings.

Danny Mooney 'Beach meditation I, 8/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Beach meditation I, 8/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Bench, 7/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Bench, 7/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Bouy, 10/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Bouy, 10/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Coffee at Kassa, 9/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Coffee at Kassa, 9/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Cold, 11/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Cold, 11/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'From Jilly's, 16/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
From Jilly’s, 16/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Gulls, 15/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Gulls, 15/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Misty but bright, 17/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Misty but bright, 17/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Walking the dog, 12/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Walking the dog, 12/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Tending the bouy, 14/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Tending the bouy, 14/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Reflections, 6/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Reflections, 6/3/2015
Danny Mooney 'Misty headland, 13/3/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Misty headland, 13/3/2015

An iPad Painting a day #APAD

Here’s a 3 minute slide show of my 2014 daily iPad paintings.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8k7YjQQ3Qg?list=UUtD1dwhKLkDFrNFrBSwsV5A]

And if you’ve got nothing better to do, follow this link to see the same video over 30 minutes


That way you have some time to see the paintings.

Alternatively you can just look at the A Painting A Day page on my website