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A painting a day

Danny Mooney 'In the Souk' 5/1/2014 digital painting
In the Souk

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been in Marrakech. It’s all change with the rules now. Sea couldn’t play a part in my Moroccan paintings!


Danny Mooney 'Rainbow' 30/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Ship' 31/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Puddle' 2/2/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'Marrakech Express' 3/2/2014 Digital painting
Marrakech Express
Danny Mooney 'Before the crowds, Marrakech' 4/2/2014 Digital painting
Before the crowds, Marrakech
Danny Mooney 'Pavilion, Majorelle gardens' 6/2/2014 digital painting
Pavilion, Majorelle gardens
Danny Mooney 'Bright Sea, Debenham's Café' 1/2/2014 Digital drawing
Bright Sea, Debenham’s Café
Danny Mooney 'Orange juice, Jemaa el Fna' 7/2/2014 Digital drawing
Orange juice, Jemaa el Fna
Danny Mooney 'Sheltering in Café Nero' 8/2/2014 Digital painting
Sheltering in Caffé Nero

A painting a day. Towards the end of January.

Danny Mooney 'Clamp and tie bar cutting' 23/1/2014 Digital painting
Clamp and tie bar cutting

Bit late posting this week’s paintings. As you can see there’s been some mission slippage with Wednesday’s painting happening in a café, where it turned out I couldn’t actually see the sea. Next week I’m in Marrakech, so I doubt the paintings I make there will have all that much sea in them either.





Danny Mooney 'Cleaning windows' 29/1/2014 Digital painting
Cleaning windows
Danny Mooney 'Rain squall coming in' 28/1/2014 Digital painting
Rain squall coming in
Danny Mooney 'Dew on the grass' 25/1/2014 Digital painting
Dew on the grass
Danny Mooney 'Falaise' 27/1/2014 Digital painting
Danny Mooney 'South westerly, 29 mph 26/1/2014 Digital painting
South westerly, 29 mph
Danny Mooney 'Wellington Place' 24/1/2014 Digital drawing
Wellington Place