Danny Mooney 'Scarborough headland, 13/2/17' iPad painting #APAD

The first 2 weeks of February

Sun and storms

Danny Mooney 'Misty birds, 1/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Misty birds, 1/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Walking the dog, 2/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Walking the dog, 2/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Swooping gulls, Scarborough, 10/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Swooping gulls, Scarborough, 10/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Stormy seas, Scarborough, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Stormy seas, Scarborough, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Still stormy, 12/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Still stormy, 12/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Spa bridge, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Spa bridge, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Snake Davis, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Snake Davis, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Simon Goulding, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Simon Goulding, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough, low tide, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Scarborough, low tide, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough storms, 12/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Scarborough storms, 12/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough headland, 13/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Scarborough headland, 13/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Running dog, 9/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Running dog, 9/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Roger Carey, 8/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Roger Carey, 8/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Photo bomb, 7/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Photo bomb, 7/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Paul Birchall, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Paul Birchall, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Nothing to see here, 8/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Nothing to see here, 8/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Night view from the Scarborough Travel Lodge, 10/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Night view from the Scarborough Travel Lodge, 10/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Milo Fell, 8/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Milo Fell, 8/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Marine Court, 6/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Marine Court, 6/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Malcolm Edmonstone, 8/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Malcolm Edmonstone, 8/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Lone boat, 10/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Lone boat, 10/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Liane and Roger, 7/2/17' Digital painting #APAD
Liane and Roger, 7/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Let's play in the surf, 14/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Let’s play in the surf, 14/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Happy Birthday Liane, 9/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Happy Birthday Liane, 9/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Goat Ledge, 5/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Goat Ledge, 5/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Gareth Moulton, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Gareth Moulton, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Dancers, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Dancers, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Bryan Hargreaves, 11/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Bryan Hargreaves, 11/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Blue sea, 3/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Blue sea, 3/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Birds, 4/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Birds, 4/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Beach walker, Scarborough, 12/2/17' iPad painting #APAD
Beach walker, Scarborough, 12/2/17
Danny Mooney 'Lone fishing boat, 31/1/17' iPad painting #APAD
Lone fishing boat, 31/1/17

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