Danny Mooney 'Towards sunset, 16/2015' iPad painting #APAD

I’ve set myself this challenge… #APAD

Danny Mooney 'Towards sunset, 16/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Towards sunset, 16/2015

I’ve seen numerous Facebook posts from artists saying that they’ve been set a challenge to post 3 images a day for 5 days. I’m 25 days into my second year of daily iPad paintings.

Danny Mooney 'A bleak job 15/2015' iPad painting #APAD
A bleak job 15/2015
Danny Mooney 'Beach, 21/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Beach, 21/2015
Danny Mooney 'Bringing in the catch 18/2015' iPad painting #apad.jpg
Bringing in the catch 18/2015
Danny Mooney 'Grey pier and boats, 19/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Grey pier and boats, 19/2015
Danny Mooney 'Lampost, 25/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Lampost, 25/2015
Danny Mooney 'On the train at Etchingham, 17/2015' iPad painting #APAD
On the train at Etchingham, 17/2015
Danny Mooney 'Orange sky again, 22/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Orange sky again, 22/2015
Danny Mooney 'Orange sky, 20/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Orange sky, 20/2015
Danny Mooney 'Reflective sea, 23/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Reflective sea, 23/2015
Danny Mooney 'Sun and Seagull, 24/2015' iPad painting #APAD
Sun and Seagull, 24/2015