This week I’m mainly trying new Apps

Danny Mooney 'Beachy Head, 3/5/2014' iPad painting
Beachy Head, 3/5/2014

This week I’ve been experimenting with different drawing and painting Apps. It always takes a while to get used to a new program. Here are some of the better results.

Danny Mooney 'Intermittent sun, 9/5/2014' iPad painting
Intermittent sun, 9/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Cold & wet, 8/5/2014' iPad painting
Cold + wet, 8/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Seascape, 7/5/2014' iPad painting
Seascape, 7/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Sitting in Café Nero, 6/5/2014' iPad painting
Sitting in Café Nero, 6/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'Allotment, 5/5/2014' iPad painting
Allotment, 5/5/2014
Danny Mooney 'The Aftershave, 4/5/2014' iPad painting
The Aftershave, 4/5/2014