Paintings from my Scarborough trip

Danny Mooney '6:30 Scarborough' Digital drawing
6:30 Scarborough

I had a few days in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and London last week, and here are some of my paintings/drawings I made.

Danny Mooney 'York Station' Digital drawing
York Station
Danny Mooney 'Princess Street Scarborough' Digital drawing
Princess Street Scarborough
Danny Mooney 'Power problems - train to York' Digital drawing
Power problems – train to York
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough Harbour 9 a.m.' Digital drawing
Scarborough Harbour 9 a.m.
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough Coast' Digital drawing
Scarborough Coast
Danny Mooney 'Barber's' Digital drawing
Danny Mooney 'Light Show, Hayward Gallery' Digital Drawing
Light Show, Hayward Gallery
Danny Mooney 'CHX' Digital drawing
Danny Mooney 'Scarborough Harbour' Digital drawing
Scarborough Harbour
Danny Mooney 'South East along the coast' Digital drawing
South East along the coast
Danny Mooney 'Eyebrows' Digital drawing
Danny Mooney 'Nicky 6.4.13' Digital Drawing
Nicky 6.4.13
Danny Mooney 'Dorothy 5.4.13' Digital drawing
Dorothy 5.4.13
Danny Mooney 'Train to York' Digital drawing
Train to York